Hydraulic Testing

We carry out system testing to enable existing faults to be determined and issues rectified. We also carry out pre-determined periodic testing and inspections to determine that systems are operating correctly and efficiency. Resetting of valves and equipment as required. Ensuring potential issues are corrected during planned maintenance, minimising down time due to break downs and avoiding potential safety issues.


Other Testing Services

Hydrostatic Testing

Fixed Test Rig up to 2200 bar used for testing hoses.


Contamination Testing

Laser Particle Analysis and Patch Comparison used for analysing the level of contamination in a hydraulic system. This can be carried out on new and refurbished systems before they are set to work ensuring that the oil is adequately clean to suit the application. Contamination analysis is also undertaken during service intervals to determine if costly oil remains in good condition. Contamination analysis can also be used to pre determine early stage of component failure.


Hydraulic System Testing

Our engineers work with test equipment enabling individual components at fault to be identified. Ensuring issues are identified accurately, quickly and efficiently. Using Celebrated Flow and pressure Equipment up to 800 l/min and 400 Bar.


Load Testing

Hydraulic Powered winches and cranes can be tested at our site up to 200 kN.


Pump Testing

Hydraulic Pumps can be bench tested following overhaul.


Hydraulic valve testing

Hydraulic valves can be set up and tested using correct system flows and pressures at our works.



Accumulator nitrogen charge can be checked and recharged to the systems specification.


Hydraulic Cylinders

All overhauled hydraulic cylinders are function and pressure tested following manufacture or overhaul.


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