Hydraulic Power Units

With over 30 years’ experience with hydraulic systems in the marine industry we have the expertise and practical experience to design and manufacture hydraulic power units to power the most demanding applications. Our power units are fully designed, assembled and tested in house.

Hydraulic Power Units are available with electric Motor Drives to suit DC, Single Phase and 3 Phase Power Supplies.

  • Marine Hydraulic Power Units
  • Industrial Hydraulic Power Units
  • Mobile Hydraulic Power Units


Large Hydraulic Power Units

These are designed and manufactured to suit your systems requirements. They can be manufactured to one of our standard designs or can be configured to suit a specific space and environment. These units will be produced to meet a systems hydraulic requirements and can incorporate the hydraulic control system. We can also incorporate the electrical control system into the hydraulic power unit. These Hydraulic Power Units can be self-contained or supplied and assembled on site.


Small Standard and Bespoke Hydraulic Power Units

Can be supplied assembled from standard components. We also manufacture units to suit an application or location to make them integral into a machine or suit a specific environment. These units can be supplied as a basic HPU or complete with Hydraulic control system and also complete with electrical control system.


Engine Driven Hydraulic power units

These can be supplied self-contained small enough to be moved manually or containerised driving numerus pumps via a splitter gear box complete with an integrated control system. Engines can be Diesel or Petrol, water cooled or air cooled or using Silent Pack insulated engines.


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