Hydraulic Service Engineers

Our experienced team of engineers work on Vessels and sites throughout the UK and abroad. Diagnosing faults, carrying out repairs and undertaking routine maintenance.

Our work scope covers a vast range from overhauling individual Hydraulic valves to complete items of machinery with integral power units.
Machinery and components can be removed to our premises to enable the required work to be carried out and the factory test carried out on completion.
Our engineers also work on site or on board vessels, any where across the uk and further afield to suit our customers’ requirements.

Typical work undertaken include:

  • Routine renewal/Inspection of Bearings seals and wear components
  • Routine oil and filter changes
  • Repairs to hydraulic Power units and systems
  • Testing for correct Operation and resetting of valves
  • Repairs and servicing to hydraulic powered equipment such as winches, Cranes, davits, A frames, Vessel Steering gears

Components are dismantled, Inspected, reported on and can be fully refurbished with remedial machining, replacement of component parts and seals.

Hydraulic Systems pipe work. Replacement of damaged hydraulic pipe work and fittings, Renewal of hoses, Replacement of seals and joints to rectify oil leaks.

Items can be repainted to the customer’s requirements to suit their working environment.


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